Month: October 2015

What are your responsibilities as a sole trader?

So you have decided to register as a sole trader – maybe you are self-employed  or you are just starting with your own company and you’ve decided to inform HMRC about it. No matter what was the cause for sole trader registration, you have some responsibilities that may seem completely new and complicated at first… Read more »

Do you have to fill out a tax return form?

It is possible that some of you have never seen a tax return form – and it should not be surprising, as many (if ont most) employees in the British taxation system don’t have to bother with filing it – tax return is automatically estimated and withheld accordingly, based on your salary.But some of you… Read more »

Welcome to our blog!

We are glad you’ve visited our accounting blog.  You probably wonder what you will find here and the answer is simple – we shall try to explain some basic concepts behind accounting to guide you through a pretty complicated process of payrolls, tax returns and all the things you don;t have the time and patience… Read more »