Can closing the digital divide be key for small business recovery?

Small businesses have faced one of the biggest economic challenges in recent history, a report conducted jointly with Xero and the Entrepreneurs Network, highlighted the need to boost digital adoption amongst SMEs as they emerge from Covid-19. The key findings show that: · If the 1.1m micro-businesses (0-9 employees) doubled their uptake of key digital […]

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Will business travel ever ‘return to normal’?

Businesses have stayed connected through video conferencing, but will it ever replace face-to-face meetings? As lockdown measures begin to lift businesses will no doubt be reviewing what worked well and what changes they can make to improve their business going forward. Businesses may question whenever the trip is necessary, or can the meeting be conducted […]

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Should we all aim for a paperless office?

Less paper equals more productivity, more productivity means more profits! Why wouldn’t every business aim for this? Documents are easier to store, find, manage, and process if they are digitally stored. Therefore, staff should spend less time looking for things! Going paperless is obviously better for the environment and avoids duplication, as you could have […]

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