Are you considering phasing out contractors due to IR35?

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Four out of ten businesses are considering phasing out contractors when IR35 legislation is introduced, according to a survey conducted by Be Digital UK.

We posted recently about the impending IR35 legislation, as the deadline looms closer many contractors have valid concerns of the employability by large companies.

As we leave the EU a flexible workforce is going to be vital to navigating the changes. Its important companies don’t panic over IR35 but prepare now and put in the necessary processes.

Richard Tyler, a spokesperson for Be Digital UK, said: “The results of this research clearly highlight the need for businesses to gain a much broader understanding of what the upcoming IR35 means and how it will affect their company finances. If businesses do not adequately prepare for the changes, it may quickly create unexpected costs and issues.”

If you have any concerns or haven’t even prepared for IR35 don’t panic, we are here to help!

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