Are you keeping an eye on running costs?

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Are you keeping an eye on running costs?

A golden rule in business is don’t pay out for unnecessary costs, unfortunately, time-poor small businesses will often have direct debits and monthly/annual subscriptions carrying on when better deals can be found in the marketplace.

A great little app integration has been announced by Xero, Reducer – a free and easy to use cost comparison app for UK businesses. It’s simple to use and links directly into your Xero account, it can quickly build a personalised cost-saving report for your business.

Saving countless hours comparing supplier prices! The app works by searching through Xero data for spending in key savings areas like electricity, water and waste management. It scans invoices and invoice attachments and then compares what a business is buying (and for how much) against hundreds of suppliers to find savings suited to each business.
When most small businesses are struggling for survival everything that can cut costs has to be welcomed!
Do you have a process to regularly review your costs?

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