Are you ready for the end of the tax year?

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Are you ready for the end of the tax year?

The end of the tax year is fast approaching which coincides with the end of the financial year for many companies.

‘Yearend’ gives a snapshot in time of how your company has performed over the last 12 months, it needs to be accurate, as it will give an indicator to potential investors, banks, or other lenders about the financial strength of your company.

Make sure your accounts are up to date – Every column of figures in your financial accounts should add up correctly and tally with all your invoices, bills, paying-in books, and bank statements.

It’s a good time to do a little housekeeping, make sure your files are all in order and your invoices, receipts and statements are filed and stored neatly where you can find them.

Check all your data and don’t forget to take a backup!

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