Could your business survive a second wave?

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With COVID-19 infection rates rising it’s debatable if businesses could survive a full-scale lockdown like the one imposed in March, but whatever restrictions they do or don’t put in place, it’s clear that it is going to be a bumpy ride over the next few months.

What can you do as a business to ensure you can still operate?
• Draft your emergency HR plan, ensure employees can continue with remote working, review and update policies regarding sick leave & unpaid leave. Consider cross-training employees so you can continue with vital business processes.
• Have you updated your supplier list? Your supply chain is the lifeblood of your small business, make sure it’s flexible and you can stop & start delivery quickly.
• Shift all data and records to the cloud. A cloud-based system gives you permanent, reliable access to your company’s data and records online.
• Fine-tune your communications, is your online presence up to scratch? Customers will turn to social media channels and your website; you can directly and publicly chat with your customers keeping them up to date and informed.

Just a few things to think about which make good business sense even if we are not operating in a global pandemic!

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