Do you have to fill out a tax return form?

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It is possible that some of you have never seen a tax return form – and it should not be surprising, as many (if ont most) employees in the British taxation system don’t have to bother with filing it – tax return is automatically estimated and withheld accordingly, based on your salary.But some of you had to have an encounter with a tax return form and it was yet another hurdle to pass before successfully filing a tax report to HMRC.

Who has to fill out the tax return form?

For example: if you are self-employed (be it a sole trader or a partnership), you work abroad, you have a capital gains tax waiting for evaluation, you have bigger investments (over £10,000) or you have much higher employment income (over £100,000), you are required to fill out a tax return form. But if you belong to one of the above groups, you probably have much more important stuff to do, namely – conducting your successful business – and another form to fill out in the sea of paperwork is something that can effectively hinder your dealings.

How our accountants can help you?

That is why Accountancy 4 You was created – to help you with all the formalities. Tax self-assessment is a very trying time at the end of every fiscal year and if you wish to have some stress taken off of you, you need a professional help in a form of an accounting company.

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