How has Accountancy4You adapted as a business?

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The recent Covid-19 outbreak is, of course, the topic on everyone’s minds, but it does force you to look at your business in a different light. Businesses need to be agile in a crisis, these are some of the steps we have taken:

1. Customer service is still number 1
Instead of in-person meetings, we have been leveraging technology like Skype and Zoom to communicate and hold meetings with our clients.
2. Cloud-based business – As you would expect from a Xero Gold Partner, we operate from the cloud so in that respect we have been able to continue with our normal practice. Secure file storage and accessibility is a key factor in our ability to keep servicing our clients.
3. Using Slack to monitor productivity levels and team communication, making sure we are all connected as a team.

All businesses should have a business continuity plan in place ideally before you need it. I believe our business will be even stronger when we come out of this crisis!

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