How to recognize a good accountant?

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Searching for a good accounting company can be a difficult process, as you can find countless bookkeepers in your area, but you don’t know if they are good at their job at the first glance. Thus, we have prepared a short guide for those who wish to find a trusted, skilled accountant.

What characterizes a good accountant?

  1. Individual Approach
    An expert accountant is worth hiring when you see that the serviced clients are not treated similarly. Every company and sole trader are a different pair of shoes and every customer has different needs, thus a perfect accounting company treats each of its clients as a completely separate issue. A good accountant can spot small differences in each customer’s books and is able to adapt accordingly, without treating congenial situations the same every time.Trustworthiness, confidentiality
    Customer’s finances are a confidential information and should stay that way unless it is legally required to discolse them. Your accountant has to be trusted with the deepest secrets of your company and you have to trust your bookkeeper without any doubt. Thus, check the opinions of other customers to see if the accounting company you plan to hire is worth considering.
  2. In touch with the news
    Law changes constantly and a good accountant should know about such changes in advance to perform the work in accordance with the current regulations. If a bookkeeper does not know that a change in tax law comes in a month, it’s best to consider changing your accounting company.


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