Is it time to digitise your expenses management?

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Corporate travel is pretty much non-existent now, and of course, all business events have been cancelled or rearranged for later on in the year. As a result, there is likely to be a high demand in the second half of 2020 as postponed events and seminars take place.
Now is the time to digitise some business processes, as we move into an era of remote working it’s more important than ever that we support employees to make their jobs easier rather than waste time on out-dated procedures.

“Research from the Global Business Travel Association found that nearly one in five paper expense claims are processed incorrectly, and this costs companies an average of £43 to rectify.”

Travel and expense management can be digitalised via tools like Rydoo (
“Our easy-to-use tool transforms outdated expense report filing for your employees and finance team into just a few clicks on a smartphone or desktop.”

Rydoo links in with #Xero to provide a streamlined process!
How has technology saved you time recently?

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