Is there now any time ‘to get Brexit done’?

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‘Get Brexit Done’ the slogan that won Boris his decisive election victory last year seems to a bit redundant now given the current situation with the coronavirus.

The original plan was to negotiate a Free Trade Agreement by the 31st December 2020, this deadline seems unlikely now as the two sides seem to have major differences that have not been overcome.
“These are already exposing major differences on the framework of the future deal – the EU wanting a controlling, overarching deal but the UK chasing loose sector-by-sector agreements. This difference is based on the EU obsession that the UK keep a ‘level playing field’ on tax, employment rights, state aid and competition rules. But the UK views this as ‘taking orders’ from Brussels.”

The next crucial deadline seems to be June 30th, this is the last point that the UK can request a transition extension. I feel businesses have had enough to deal with other the last few months, the last thing British Businesses need is more fraught negotiations and uncertainty at the end of the year!

Do you think the Brexit trade negotiations should be expended?

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