Should we all aim for a paperless office?

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Less paper equals more productivity, more productivity means more profits! Why wouldn’t every business aim for this?
Documents are easier to store, find, manage, and process if they are digitally stored. Therefore, staff should spend less time looking for things!

Going paperless is obviously better for the environment and avoids duplication, as you could have multiple paper copies of the same document in different places. There is also the added security if documents are stored digitally under a well-protected system.

As Xero Gold Partners we help our clients implement a paperless accounting system, you may have to experience a little pain in the beginning as staff will need training, they might not like a new way of doing things, you may have to expect a short term productivity dip while you get everything set up but the payoff is huge!

A paperless office will give you a competitive edge so it’s worth investing the time!

How are you reducing paper in your office?

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