What numbers do you need to know?

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Whatever business you run in the end it all comes down to the numbers! Revenue, expenses, overheads, inventory, sales figures, profit – all of these numbers are important.

These are the day-to-day numbers you need to know but if your business is in a transition point looking to grow or access funding, numbers become even more important.

Anyone thinking about lending you money or investing in your business will want to know that their money is safe. That means they will want to take a good look at the financial details, such as:

· Historical financial statements
· 3-5 year business forecasts
· Personal financial statements
· Tax returns
· Business plan
· Commercial collateral (including real estate)
· Guarantor information
Get your financial data in order, get the necessary software in place to help you analyse the data and your business will be in a much better position for growth.

Is your business in the best position for growth?
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